waking god trilogy





Carlo Saures writes that "A few survivors [of the Great Flood] had been able to preserve, in a series of ideograms, all that men had ever known, all that men will ever know, concerning the vocation of mankind in the presence of the impenetrable mystery of being...In Abram’s hand is a marvelous document: the testament of a lost civilization, brought in an ark." The Tarot may well be those very ideograms and the lost civilization was, perhaps, Atlantis.


WAKING GOD (BOOK I) introduces the theory that a Tarot Code exists as a guide to humanity.  While the currently known cards can be traced back to the Middle Ages as a tool to secretly spread and keep ancient secrets alive, the actual pictorial code existed in ancient Egypt.  It is speculated that the ideograms were actually passed on to them by even earlier and greater civilizations.

Any sincere Tarot student knows that every symbol and color on the cards has special meaning.  It is important to recognize that the way the cards are arranged numerically also has significance.  It has been speculated that the Bible has a numeric code as well.  We postulate that when these two numeric codes are viewed in tandem, the Tarot reveals key hidden meanings.  This is especially true in the Book of Revelation.  Here, the chapters, verses, and numbers used in the Apocalypse can be related to the numerics in the Tarot with a new set of meanings for those “with eyes to see.”

WAKING GOD begins the exploration of this code.  It is continued more dramatically in Book II, which is well underway.  It is our obvious intention to build an interest in the code and to bring the reader along through our trilogy.  We believe that even DaVinci had access to, and used a form of this code.  He was, after all, a member of a secret society that used such devices to avoid the “stake.” 

* * *


"Numerous images and methods have been used,” he said, going to a desk drawer,  “but I will mention only one.”  From the drawer, he took a thin deck of oversized cards and offered them to Andrew.  “The Tarot has been the purloined letter for centuries.  It contains the true teachings and exposes religious myths and their opiate effects on humanity.”

Andrew shuffled through the cards slowly, taking in bits and pieces of the different scenes depicted on each.

“There are twenty-two in your hands, and they contain man’s history and reveal his destiny,” Mantrella said.  “The mastery of its symbols, colors, images, and alphabet can lead one to the mastery of reality.  Take the card the church attributes to me, The Devil.”

* * *

Waking God makes use of multiple images from Arthur Waite's rendition of the Tarot.  Below are the particular cards referenced from the Rider-Waite-Smith  deck that are mentioned, described, or suggested in the book.  Can you discover the hidden symbolism?  Can you identify how each is linked to the plot of the story?  Explore the cards and discover their code for yourself.



"One showed a woman in white, shoulders draped with a blue cape, sitting on a throne flanked by a black pillar and a white pillar.  On each of the columns was a symbol that she did not recognize, nor did either captivate her.  Instead, Mara was drawn to the stoic expression on the woman's beautiful face.  Her eyes quickly took in the bursts of red and green surrounding the throned woman, then settled on the equal-armed cross on the woman's chest, then at the parchment scroll the image held."














"Nausea stabbed at her and she opened her eyes on the figures of a man and woman, both naked.  The two spread their hands toward an angel emerging from a cloud just above their heads.  In the background, rising between the nude pair, was a perfectly symmetrical mountain that Mara slowly reached out and touched."



"And then the racing images were gone, lost to a picture of a woman in green sitting near a heart with a female symbol on it.  In her hand a scepter; on her head a crown of stars.  The wheat in the foreground stung Mara...."


"A man with a crown of stars, knightly and noble.  Standing in a chariot and guarded by a black sphinx and a white one.  In the background on both sides, the tops of castles...."



"Picture of a naked woman with flowing blond hair pouring water from decorated pitchers into a pool.  Overhead burns a brilliant star in the night sky, surrounded by seven white stars....



"Another image rushed on her.  A naked woman, wrapped in a purple cloth, holding a double helix in each hand, suspended in a green wreath...."


"Rising from a tomb, a child raises its hands toward a trumpeting angel.  On either side of him, a woman and a man also rise up from what must be death...."


"In a rise of anger, Mara glared up at the old woman only to see the final image in her view, that of the Devil sitting with the talons of a large bird, high above the chained images of a disrobed woman and man.  Both wore horns, as well as loose chains around their necks.  Nestled in the long horns of the beast was a pentagram...."