waking god trilogy



Welcome.  Waking God Book II:  The Sacred Rota opens doors that many would prefer stay closed.  Continuing with the fast paced action of Book I, humanity is beset with growing problems reminiscent of the ancient Biblical plagues.  The battle between the Archangel Michael and Mantrella (a.k.a. Lucifer) intensifies as conception of the Old Testament’s Adam becomes a certainty.  The rise to power of the UN’s David Dajjal, a puppet of Michael’s, sets the stage for world domination by the Bilderberg Group.  New information is revealed about the Tarot Code, the blueprint for man’s future spiritual and physical evolution, and the role of the church’s Sacred Rota in the epic conspiracy to keep humanity in ignorance and ancient institutions in power.Will the hidden god seed in our DNA be activated with Adam’s birth or will secret powers maintain their domination of our destiny?


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“I read Waking God II: The Sacred Rota, by Brian L Doe and Philip F Harris.  This is a sequel to Waking God, published in 2006, or really a continuation of a three part story.  It is a science fantasy theological thriller, odd as that combination may seem to be.  The final battle is developing, and while they do argue theology, there are also people getting killed wholesale as the several themes slowly integrate.  I am agnostic, with no belief in the supernatural, but as before, I found portions of the discussion more interesting than the action.  Here's when Lucifer harangues an Archangel: “You create demons and false hopes of redemption.  You build them mighty temples and give with one hand and slaughter with the other.  You have kept them separate and ignorant and give just enough to raise empty hopes.  You destroy their prophets and burn their seers.  If they question, you put them to the rack and crush all semblance of free thought.  You give them a doctrine of poverty and offer riches in your fantasy heaven.  Kill in the name of god and your treasure shall be immeasurable.  You divide them and thus conquer them, and tell them they have no responsibility but to be good sheep and to follow your demented dictates.”  This strikes me as an apt description of global religion.  I was intrigued by the Tarot discussion, because I did some research there, thirty years ago, when writing Tarot and devising my own 100 card Animation Tarot deck, because the established decks are clearly incomplete.  I conjecture that one author in this collaboration knows how to write, and the other knows his occult lore, because they clearly have done their Tarot homework.  So this is a novel worth reading, but it will help to have an open mind.  I fault it for developing serious characters who may then be thrown away, or suddenly having new significant characters for whom there was no prior reference.  (But it turned out I had forgotten that one of those was in the prior novel.  That will be clarified in the published edition of this one.)  So I think it needs better overall organization, but there is nevertheless much here that you probably won't find in the tacitly expurgated traditional press.”

- Piers Anthony, New York Times Bestselling Author


Waking God II The Sacred Rota, by Brian L Doe and Philip F Harris.
The Sacred Rota, the second novel in the Waking God trilogy, has now been reissued by All Things That Matter Press in a new, non-expurgated edition. A useful chapter-by-chapter plot summary of book I is included. Those who have already enjoyed book one will find the outline sufficient to remind them of the rich details of the first book. Since it is only a bare outline, however, those who have not read book one would be better off to start, as Aristotle suggested a few years back, at the beginning.
To say The Sacred Rota merely continues the story would be unfair. This book is even more exciting and its plot even more swiftly moving than the first. The characters first introduced in Waking God are fleshed out more and their significance in the themes made more clear. Along the way there are many wonderful new characters and events, such as the Battle of the Big Horses, to enjoy. Along the way, too, much esoteric information, such as the history and meaning of the Tarot cards, the chakras, and meanings of the names and significance of the archangels is imparted. As in any good novel, though, the insights you receive, however interesting, are only secondary to story. And The Sacred Rota is a great story.

--Review by Sandy Cohen, author of Revelations: A Novel, The Viper's Son, Norman Mailer's Novels, Bernard Malamud and the Trial by Love, and Professor of Literature


The Sacred Rota is the second installment of The Waking God Trilogy, and I began reading it immediately upon finishing Book I. I must say, I'm not only intellectually stimulated by the questions the authors present (not impose) but I'm riveted. This book seems even more fast-paced and addictive than the first. There's the thrill of constant action with the backdrop of larger questions--questions about religious dogma, yes, but more about what drives dogma: the human frailty of being pulled between our fear-driven desires to make everything black and white (in the wide variety of mythical and religious ways we attempt this) and our innate power to be content spiritually. Yet, this is my take. Yours may be different--the beauty of this series! I'm eager to dig in to the third book. This trilogy is perfect for book clubs, perfect because there is so much room for conversation.

--JEN KNOX, author, professor


"I have waited for some time, the arrival of this book and it was well worth the wait. Philip Harris and Brian Doe have done what no other authors have. They have captured what perhaps just might be the behind the scenes of what goes on in our world each and every day and they bring it to light for the rest of us to see. This is not just a story but a learning experience. What an amazing read. Can't wait for the next one!”  

- Katrina Stiles, WritingWithStiles, Book Reviewer


"Be sure you re-read WAKING GOD, or at least review it a bit, before you begin WAKING GOD II: THE SACRED ROTA. Otherwise you may have trouble following the action and keeping the characters straight, and you don't want to do either. This tale moves along smartly, and it features an even more varied and intriguing cast than the first book in this planned trilogy.

"Andrew, the young comparative religions professor from Book I, knows what he needs to do. He needs to give the still sleeping Adam flesh, by mating with a young and mysterious Middle Eastern woman known as Mara. The time is right at last, so what can possibly stop Andrew and Mara from coming together in fulfillment of prophecy? Well, for one thing, there's Michael.  And then there are those who follow Michael, the great archangel who's made it his mission to keep humanity in its current ignorant and deluded state. Ranged on the looming battle's other side are Mantrella, Bringer of Light, and those who follow him.  Meanwhile, Earth itself convulses as its inhabitants endure the plagues of Revelation. Will those who can stop Michael act in time? And even if they do, will they prevail?

"Once again authors Doe and Harris draw together the whole range of humankind's myths and spiritual beliefs, and use those threads to weave a story no one else could have imagined. The tale twists and turns, with new puzzles popping up even as those from the first book resolve (at least in part), until WAKING GOD II ends with a cliffhanger that may just make you want to scream. Scream for the next and final installment, that is...!"

- Nina M. Osier, author of the Fictionwise bestselling Farthinghome Trilogy