waking god trilogy



5.0 out of 5 Stars - Must READ!!!! 

By Ann Churchman

"Sacred Rota, the second book in the Waking God trilogy has me on the edge of my seat awaiting Waking God, Book III. Although it is an intriguing and fast-paced spiritual thriller and work of fiction with numerous fascinating characters (my favorites are Mara and Malak), it teaches you much about the true meaning of life and to open your eyes to the truth of many biblical teachings and religious doctrines as well as Tarot. I was born and raised Catholic so much of this was an eye opening experience to the reality of what we as human beings are experiencing and learning on a spiritual level in life here on earth. I am partial to angels but am slowing becoming convinced that the devil may not be such a "bad guy" and that angels are not what they appear. I am anxiously awaiting the release of Waking God, Book III since Sacred Rota leaves you with many unanswered questions and a passion to continue learning and growing on a spiritual level. Hurry up, Phil and Brian!"

"I read Waking God.  Then my computer crashed.  I don't think those two events are connected...A fast moving story with thriller aspects, interspersed by serious religious discussions...there is real thinking here.  A provocative novel, part thriller, part religion.  It should make you think.  A worthy novel."

 Piers Anthony, New York Times Bestselling Author and Nebula and Hugo Award Nominee


"About two, maybe three years ago I read Waking God, by Philip F.Harris and Brian L. Doe. I was instantly drawn into the world they created, which, is really our world – this world, except seen through the eyes that most do not look through. The vision seen when the veil of deceit and insidious religious dogma, put in place nearly two thousand years ago by the organized church for political and power grabbing reasons to ensure that 'all truths are not to be known by all people,' gets lifted. It would be classified as a suspense thriller in the 'Theological Science Fiction' genre, but one has to wonder and gasp if …the 'fiction' part is perhaps unwarranted?


"The Sacred Rota, newly released and the second book in the trilogy, picks up on the fast paced and highly entertaining, yet fundamentally belief shaking and unsettling saga, where Waking God leaves off, with Michael (the Archangel) and Mantrella (a.k.a. Lucifer) in a power struggle to determine who will rule and what the fate of mankind will be. Adam – the original man, and a god Himself, lies slumbering. If he wakes, the DNA in mankind’s hidden god-seed is activated and Michael and his cohorts are, well … I won’t spoil the whole read for you. But it’s not good news for the angels if that happens, and Michael will stop at nothing to prevent it. Who stands in his way, thwarting his every turn, championing the cause of humanity?

"Mantrella. Yes, you read that right. Lucifer – the biblical 'fallen angel,' also referred to in the scriptures as the 'Bright and Morning Star,' is on our side. There is no devil, Lucifer is not your enemy, he’s been falsely demonized by the Catholic Church to keep people in fear and abeyance to the Church for nearly two thousand years. Until Pope Peter in The Sacred Rota comes along. Peter is going to release the ancient secret hidden truths to the masses. And he pays for it. The Bilderberg group, well on its way to establishing the 'New World Order,' sees to that.

"There are many controversial elements in this trilogy. Traditionally held fundamental religious dogmas and beliefs are put into question and done so in the form of a first rate sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat and clench your teeth thriller of a book. Harris and Doe make a great writing team; the writing is sharp and yet breezy, extremely imaginative and compulsively readable. The book is not only a deep and ponderous read underneath the quick action with other worldly yet well developed and believable characters, it provides several hours of entertainment in literature that ranks with the best out there.

"The book stands alone as a great read by itself, but I’d highly recommend getting both Waking God and The Sacred Rota, even if it’s in reverse order once the Rota compels you to go back and catch up fully on the tale. I, for one, am looking forward to the third and concluding book in the series with a great deal of anticipation.

"But be forewarned, this is not a Sunday School book. You may be shocked. And it might just be for your own good."


Marvin D. Wilson, Author of I Romanced the Stone, Owen Fiddler, and Between the Storm and the Rainbow



 "Wow!  Waking God:  Book One – The Journey Begins is definitely a spiritual thriller.  The characters are so vivid that it feel as if they jump out of the pages and are suddenly standing in the room right before your eyes.  If you read between the lines, many mysteries and secret codes, The Tarot Code, are revealed which provides readers the opportunity for profound thinking.  Many truths of the reality of our life here on earth are hidden in the pages of this unique book if you dare to allow yourself to step out of the darkness into the light.  I am THRILLED that Waking God – The Journey Begins is a trilogy for I long to continue seeking the truths by reading more about these secret codes. It is bound to open more doors to the mysteries of this life we view as reality and strengthen your faith that it is only an illusion.  I highly recommend this book to all!"

 Annie Churchman


"When I first began to read this book, I was actually reading like three other books. Being a reviewer, I tend to do that alot. I had put the book down and discovered my 18 year old daughter had taken it and had begun to read it. We both LOVE this book. I like that for once, someone has had the kahuna's for lack of a better term to make people really think about life, their beliefs, where and how we came to be,  etc. This book takes you on such a journey...the future, the Garden of Eden and every where in between. I generally get bored of books with great detail but with this book, I soaked up the detail as quickly as I could read it. The non-human characters in this book were so vividly explained that I could see them and unlike in other books I have read, I actually connected with the non-human characters in this one. Their appearances aren't just detailed but their personalities are allowed to come to light. I love that. I think I finally found two authors who won't hesitate to say out loud what the rest of us are thinking. Kudo's to them both. Can't wait for the next two!"

 Katrina Stiles, Alternative-Read.com


“WAKING GOD is not an easy book to pin down in a couple of words. It’s a thriller, but doesn’t seem quite comfortable in that category. It’s definitely a religious book, but not of any of the established religions, and in fact quite opposed to them. It’s likely to appeal to many of the Da Vinci Code fans, but it’s not a copycat. The back cover identifies it as “Speculative / Thriller.” I think I would only change that to “Spiritual Thriller” to give a clearer idea of where it fits, but of course any label will be oversimplifying the matter.

"Andrew is an engaging character, intelligent without being arrogant, willing to learn as events pull him far from his academic world…

"The other central character in the book (though less developed than Andrew) is Mara, a girl of Middle Eastern descent who has lead a strange life, violently torn from one family after another but forgetting her past with each new adoptive family…

"Amidst this, Andrew is summoned to Italy to discover the man who has been talking to him in his dreams. There he learns the true story behind Lucifer, who wishes to free humanity from illusion, and Michael and the other angels, who wish to keep humans ignorant.

"The truth, revealed as they attempt to free Mara from Michael’s clutches, will draw in lost Atlantis and the Tarot deck, conspiracy theories and hidden images, UFOs, the Knights Templar and ancient buildings around the world. There is a sense that perhaps the authors try to draw in and explain too many things at once and too neatly. But it’s a very fun ride as Andrew, with the help of his friend Eli, the mentorship of Lucifer and the assistance of a werewolf-vampire pair of guards, discover how these all fit together.

"Not deus ex machina exactly, but perhaps diablo ex machina as Lucifer simply overcomes the final obstacle without any difficulty. But until that point, the excitement runs high.

"The book does share a weakness with many other religious books of any religious persuasion, and that’s that it has a tendency to present anyone who disagrees religiously as shallow and ridiculous (if not outright malicious). Anyone that’s at all meant to be sympathetic is fundamentally in agreement with the religious ideas portrayed. So those readers who don’t agree or are more skeptical of the book’s claims, no matter how open-minded they are, will find themselves distracted at times, arguing with how some of the characters and ideas are portrayed.

"But those willing to get past this will find an exciting and fascinating tale, one that’s well-told and fast-paced. And some will even find it inspiring.”


David Ausema, OnceWritten.com


“Every so often, a new and sensational idea causes humanity to question the fundamental principles of our existence and being and catalyzes the notion that not everything is as it appears.  In the new and exciting novel, Waking God, American University Alumnus Philip Harris and co-author Brian Doe take a look at a series of these groundbreaking and revolutionary ideas and tickle our imaginations through a journey of discovery and meaning that enlightens one on the very foundation of morality and truth.

"Waking God, which arrived in bookstores last July, is a story of biblical conflict and otherworldly intrigue, in which fantasy and science fiction meet the time-honored traditions of spiritual discourse and conspiratorial essence guides the act.  The story focuses on the adventures of Andrew, a Bostonian scholar of theology and comparative religion, who in his quest for greater knowledge and a unified theory of religious understanding comes across Mara, an illustrious personage of beauty and secrecy.  What is extremely special about this particular Mara is that, although she’s just twenty-one years old, she has lived seven very different lives.  

"Andrew realizes that Mara is the girl that he has seen in his dreams for quite some time, and he begins to understand that his meeting her, which correlates with the dramatic upheaval of a major world religion and his subsequent trip to Rome, might be of sacred significance.  Mara’s later abduction by a secretive organization that had sought her capture since her birth causes Andrew to have sense of concern that is later superseded by his own kidnapping. Andrew  then begins a personal quest to understand the circumstances of his newfound experiences are.      

"In  this thriller, which goes on to explore the origins of the human race and its connections to supernatural phenomena such as aliens, deities, ghosts, demons and the physical fabric of reality, Harris analyzes many components of our global heritage and spiritual beliefs.   He later recollected these to write the novel, Waking God

"It was as a special education at a school in upstate New York; Harris met Doe, who is also an English teacher.  They taught classes together and developed a friendship that continues, as evidenced by their most recent collaboration which they wrote at the  New York school.  The events of 9/11 deeply affected Harris, making him reflect on the dangerous consequences that can result from religious extremism.  He combined this idea, as well as his sentiments that many religious institutions are detracting from their messages of higher spiritual fulfillment for humanity in order to fulfill selfish ends, into a novel which seeks to call humanity to open its eyes as to the current state of affairs.   

"Harris earned his Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Political Science through what was then known as AU’s School of Government and Public Administration.  In addition to his writing, he has worked for the government, including his position as the Rural Policy Coordinator for the Federal Regional Council of New England, and his appointment to a Carter Administration commission on national rural policy.  His latest work, A Maine Christmas Carroll, is a remake of the 1843 Dickinson classic and centers on the tribulations of adolescence. “A Maine Christmas Carol” will be released on Dec. 12

"Doe is also the author Barley and Gold, a 2001 release that examines the trials of living life, and also how best to confront the past.”  

Howard Perlman, Staff Writer for the AU Eagle Metro/National Section, Article Head:  Book by Alum Asks Profound Questions, The Eagle Online 10/12/2006


"A newborn baby girl's DNA holds the key to something important enough to change Humankind's future. Why is this infant, significantly named Mara, kidnapped and her parents assassinated on the day of her birth? Clearly someone has plans for this child, and just as clearly someone else doesn't want to see those plans carried out. Nor does a young professor of comparative religion want his passionate skepticism challenged in ways he can't begin to ignore - but someone also has plans for Andrew.

"Ancient prophecies coming to fulfillment. The end of days drawing near. Cataclysmic events working themselves out as if scripted. Fantastic beings appearing to Humans, and interacting with them, as one more speculative fiction tale utilizes the classic morality play format...no, wait a minute! That's where this book leaves other works in its apparent genre behind, because this is decidedly not a morality play.

"Authors Doe and Harris have done an impressive amount of research into ancient myths, manuscripts, and belief systems.  They've used this research to spin a tale that kept this lifelong lover of speculative fiction turning pages far into the night. Their characters, even the fantastically non-Human ones, came to life and demanded that I care what happened next. Their plot held together, and the universe they created stayed consistent even as it also became progressively more complicated. I'll want to read the rest of this intriguing speculative fiction trilogy for sure!"

 Nina M. Osier, Author of Sagarmatha and 2005 Eppie Award Winner



 "Waking God is at once captivating, deeply thought provoking, and spiritually inspiring.  On the surface, it can be read as an extremely entertaining suspense thriller, with an ever thickening plot and plentiful nerve-racking twists.  As the story unfolds, however, it can also be absorbed and studied in awe, as one might treat a mystical and magical ancient scroll, discovered in some remote cave, deep within the mindscape of the Godhead.  Brian Doe and Philip Harris have written a work of excellence, relevance, and substance, a literary effort that should and needs to be read by any and all who wonder in reverence at the miracle of creation, self, God, and the relationships between them." 

 Marvin D. Wilson, Author of I Romanced the Stone


"What if every Truth you had ever been told was really a mosaic of falsehoods? What if every religious institution that preached salvation was actually an agent of oppression?

"In Waking God, Andrew, a young, controversial professor of Comparative Religions is having strange dreams. He has spent his life studying and challenging conventional religious thought and is on the verge of formulating a unified theory that will help to explain the origin and variety of the world’s religions. The dreams bring messages that he finds difficult to interpret, but he thinks they may hold the key to finding the answers he seeks, and so he listens.

"Meanwhile, Mara, born in mystery, stolen from her hospital room, and raised in various parts of the world, has been ushered through her childhood by a mysterious but caring father-figure, who has been the only constant in her tumultuous upbringing. Now a young woman on her own, Mara is living and working in Boston, and is unaware that her destiny, the purpose for which she was placed on this earth is about to take her away to a different part of the globe, once again.

"As Andrew and Mara pursue their separate courses, their paths briefly converge at a séance. Andrew senses that he shares a special connection with Mara and during the ritual he has another dream that seems to confirm this, but when he awakens, she is gone. What he doesn’t know is that she has been taken.

"Then the pope is assassinated.

"As the world sinks into chaos and religious turmoil, Andrew receives a summons to Rome. There he meets the mysterious Mantrella, who claims standing as a supernatural being, a fallen angel, Lucifer no less. Mantrella schools Andrew in a new form of knowledge, one that places the seemingly contradictory problems with religion and existence in a startling new context. Even the skeptical Andrew finds it difficult to shake years of dogmatic thought. His waffle between belief and unbelief is made more difficult when Andrew is captured by Mantrella’s nemesis, the archangel Michael.

"As the two supernatural beings vie for control over Andrew and Mara the prospect of a war in the heavenly realms builds, the outcome of which will decide the fate of all humanity.

"Epic in scope, Waking God is a fast paced supernatural thriller that blazes across mystical locations and panoramic scenery. There is action and intrigue, yes, but there is also a challenge to the reader in this book. Waking God introduces a new way of interpreting reality. The book provides an alternative contextual understanding for mythical creatures like werewolves, vampires, angels and demons, as well as taking on the weighty issue of the nature and existence of God.

"The slower first half gives way to a quick second with the conclusion flung out before you’ve had a chance to learn enough about the main characters. But then, it’s only the first book in a trilogy. Andrew is more fully developed and believable, while Mara remains a mystery, cloaked in a mist of naiveté and unexplained motivations. She has almost no will of her own; she never takes control of her own destiny until the very end at which point you are left to question, why now?

"The prose, at times quite good, has a tendency to stumble into wordiness, and corny dialog.  But the plot, pacing and challenging content gives this story enough legs to prevent the book from completely falling.

"Waking God has many good qualities that make it worth reading; you can expect a good story surrounded by an interesting philosophical paradigm that ventures into supernatural action and adventure. And this book also reminds us that there are other ways of looking at the world, and that perhaps we should take a moment and consider the alternatives."


Christopher Friesen, Book Pleasures.com


“Writing reviews is never complicated. You hear about the book, agree to review it, read it and then write your opinion. Easy as making apple pie in Maine in the fall. At least it usually seems to be like that.  But sometimes a book crosses all the easy lines, makes a reviewer stop and truly look at all the art of literature, in all its glory. Waking God has been one of those books for me. (See—I hate when reviewers use first person in their reviews and now this review has me doing it!)   I can not comfortably put this book into a genre category. Is it a thriller? Yes. Sci fi?  No, not really. (Yeah—I know the authors think so!) An introduction to comparative religious speculation?  Speculative Fiction? (Anyone know what this newly minted category really is?)  Supernatural thriller? (Yeah, it does have cool werewolf type creatures.) It even has romance. But with this new novel there are no easy answers, no cozy slot into which it can be inserted. It is a book that transcends categories, a book that makes the reader really think about what they are reading, question commonly held beliefs and understandings. It is literature used at its finest—to create ideas, discussions and a search for truth. It is also a lot of fun to read. So my solution to this multilayered book is two reviews—read one or both, just read the book!”

Review for the Thriller:

Waking God is the debut novel of two talented new authors, Philip Harris and Brian Doe. It is a plot driven story that draws the reader into an ever expanding web of intrigue and action. The pace of the story alternates between suspense-building while the authors provide the background information needed, to full out, ripping adventure.

“The action begins with the kidnapping of a new born baby from her hospital bed. Two opposing forces arrive simultaneously to steal the infant from her mother’s arms but the battle is won by a pair of wolves.  Her parents are killed and baby Mara disappears into the night.  Mara then begins a life that seems to alternate in parentage and places, unaware of the role she plays in the structure of the world’s future. Andrew is a young professor of Theology and Comparative Religion. He is plagued by vivid dreams, flashes of images, sessions of automatic writing and feelings of unknown knowledge. He has strong opinions and ideas on the evolution of the God concept and the role of organized religion. They are not common ideas but he is sure of his questions. He ends his teaching semester by presenting the idea of “precipitating events,” that all happenings and ideas are the result of a build-up of pressure that is only released through a “precipitating event” to release the pressure. This concept rings very true when the Pope is assassinated and the world plunges into chaos. It is at this point that Andrew’s life changes forever.

"Andrew is flown to Rome to meet a stranger who calls himself Mantrella. He is the leader of one of the groups that kidnapped Mara many years before to protect her from his nemesis, Michael. As Andrew sees Mara herself he realizes she is the one he has seen in his dreams, a woman he saw years before at a seance. But before he can straighten out why she is so important to him she is again kidnapped, this time by Michael. When Andrew is abducted also, he fears for both her and his own life.  The culminating battle could destroy the world forever.

“The characters of both Andrew and Mara draw the sympathy of the reader while opening up many possible possibilities. This is the first book in a planned trilogy. It leaves the reader anxiously awaiting the future.”

Review for the Philosophical Study:

“Philip Harris and Brian Doe are the authors of the debut novel Waking God. It is an introduction to a new philosophy disguised as a work of fiction. A fascinating journey through the world of religious theory, it is a work that will bring questions to believers and non-believers alike. Doe and Harris have offered an alternative view of “God,” of the foundations of all organized religions and the evolution of the world itself. In a work of  breathtaking depth and scope they have proposed an alternative theory that binds brilliantly with the current events of our world. It destroys the allegiances of man to churches that promise safety in return for blind obedience. It offers a world where man must accept his own personal actions and the choices he makes.

“The story begins with the kidnapping of a newborn baby from her hospital bed. Two opposing forces arrive simultaneously to steal the infant from her mother’s arms but the battle is won by a pair of wolves.   Baby Mara disappears into the night, her parents dead.  Mara then begins a life that seems to alternate in parentage and places, unaware of the role she plays in the structure of the world’s future. Andrew is a young professor of Theology and Comparative Religion. He has strong opinions and ideas on the evolution of the God concept and the role of organized religion. They are not common ideas but he is sure of his questions. He ends his teaching semester by presenting the idea of “precipitating events,” that all happenings and ideas are the result of a build-up of pressure that is only released through a “precipitating event” to release the pressure. This concept rings very true when the Pope is assassinated and the world plunges into chaos. It is at this point that Andrew’s life changes forever.


“Andrew is flown to Rome to meet a stranger who calls himself Mantrella. He is the leader of one of the groups that kidnapped Mara many years before to protect her from his nemesis, the archangel Michael. Mantrella is also the one known to the world as Satan or Lucifer. His information as to the actual story of Adam and Eve leads Andrew to the spiritual answers he had been seeking. As the story explodes with the battle of the angels, it is not good vs evil, angel vs devil but a war that could destroy the world forever.

"This book delves into the realms of religion, mysticism, mythology, and magik. It unfolds layer after layer to expose the inner locking patterns of development and changes in man’s quest for understanding. It is a cornucopia of information and speculation on items as varied as Tarot cards, Masons and crop circles. The authors’ gift is to open the minds and curiosity of their reader. It is impossible to read this book without one hand on Google to search for more details on the multitude of information the authors share. Whether you agree with the philosophy introduced or not, it creates the questions that mankind must face to find spiritual acceptance and growth.”

Barb Radmore, Front Street Reviews